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We can't do this without you

Although intimidating, the effort to preserve Edgely is totally surmountable. We believe the decision makers at the Rebuild Initiative made their decision without truly knowing what Edgely provides to the people they serve.  They don't recognize the value of the fields in their current state to the communities that use it.  They don't recognize the sheer volume of people who cherish Edgely: literally tens of thousands of active community members, and over 100,000 visits each year.  They don't know about the long lines of cars in the parking lot every day of the week, the thrill of the games, the grill parties, or the lasting friendships that were made real on Edgely Fields. 

We need to show them just how many people care about Edgely.  And we need to do it right now.

There are 2 meaningful things you can do immediately:

Step 1
Connect With Us
Take 30 seconds to share this page on facebook. Then join our facebook group.

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Step 2
Get Involved!
We understand each person will be able to help in different capacities. Maybe you have a talent we can put to use like photography, videography, or law. Or maybe you can be involved just by sharing our posts on social media, helping to spread the word. Let us know what you can do by filling out this volunteer form. We can't do it without you!

Current initiative: 1,000 Calls A Week Campaign. 


Mark your calendars!

Community Day 2022

We'll be celebrating the community we've built at Edgely with a day filled with ultimate scrimmages, refreshments, and PADA's annual Hall of Fame Ceremony. 1-3:30: Pick up games & Preserve Edgely updates 3:30: Hall of fame induction 4:00: Barbecue.

Town Hall

The Preserve Edgely committee has been hard at work and wants to keep you up to date with their efforts. Please join us for an update meeting on Wednesday October 27, 6PM. The meeting will start with updates and divide out into breakout discussions. To RSVP, please register in advance.

1,000 Calls A Week Campaign

Help us send a message, thousands strong, to the decision makers at Rebuild. The goal, starting now, is to make 1,000 contacts with Council Person Jones and Mayor Kenney every week, from now until this thing is over.

Letter Writing Campaign

There are in life very few times when spending ten minutes a day, every day, can make the kind of difference that will change the course of history, echo down the generations.  The goal, starting now, is to make 1,000 contacts with city council members every week,