We're getting organized

There are in life very few times when spending ten minutes a day, every day, can make the kind of difference that will change the course of history and echo down the generations. We are preparing to build a movement. Help us get to 1,000 strong by joining a committee. Unite with your fellow ultimate players in doing something you'll remember for the rest of your life. Your legacy awaits.

Live Outreach

Needs Members!

The muscle behind the movement. Live Outreach performs tasks that will activate our core to turn out to important meetings and take action. Tasks include texting, phone banking, and canvassing. No prior experience required!

Team Leads:  Kim Gilmore

Volunteer Onboarding

Needs Members!

Orients new volunteers, introduces them into existing groups. This requires a lot of connecting with people one-on-one. This is a crucial role in growing the movement.

Team Leads:  Marc Davies

Social Media & Creative

Generates posts for various social media. Also builds a team that can share posts for immediate visibility. Makes graphics and videos for various purposes.

Team Leads:  Tim Brubaker

Strategic Partnerships

Connects with various organizations in the area to build a coalition of supporters outside the PADA community.

Team Leads:  Chris Lehmann, John Hanson

Policy & Legal

Examines details behind our initiatives such as legality, policies, and procedures. Join this group if you are interested in investigating the legality of actions the city is taken and understanding the code/guidelines they have to follow in pursuing this stadium.

Team Leads: Zach Greenberg


Investigates the engineering and social aspects of the stadium: such as environmental impacts, impervious surfaces, economic impacts, transportation issues, etc.

Team Leads: Kevin McCormick


Organizes our general campaign and facilitates communication between committees.

Team Leads: Kevin McCormick